Love for this City


I sit here blogging in a little cafe overlooking the seaside. We’ve been here in Brighton almost a week and I’ve loved every minute of it. We’re sleeping on floors, we walk everywhere, it’s cold outside, and our kitchen can only fit two people comfortably… BUT… we have a warm house to sleep in, everything is within walking distance, it’s warmer than Wisconsin, and we have a kitchen to cook warm meals everyday. We are so blessed. Living in community is difficult, especially when you have 17 people sharing one bathroom, but the good things always outweigh the bad. You just have to keep your eyes open and you’ll see good things happen everyday. I’ve been struggling with a lot of things physically for the last month or so that I could really be focused on and complain about but I am so distracted from that when I look at the people God has put around me in this time. They don’t baby me or pity me but they’re always there to help me and make sure I’m doing alright. When I say I’m fine they say Are you really?. I am so blessed to be doing life with these amazing people.

The ministry we’ve been doing here in Brighton has been wonderful already after just a week here. God has really been showing me how my work as an individual helps bring his kingdom and blesses those around me even when I don’t think it does.
I people watched yesterday and got to know the people of Brighton a little more… finding out what makes this city tick. Brighton is a place like no other; there are so many diverse people and cultures all intermingled into one city. It’s a big melting pot of people. The problem is that I don’t think they’ve all quite figured out how to melt together yet. They are all in the same pot…walking past each other and never batting an eye. My prayer for Brighton is that they will learn how to see each other through God’s eyes; with His compassion and love for them. The love of God will overwhelm Brighton and He is letting me see the change. The quote Be the change you want to see in the world had never been more accurate than now.




My sunrise walk on the beach


Week 8 Update

Arriving in London waiting for my bus

Arriving in London in September waiting for my bus

It’s week 8. I can’t believe it’s already been 2 months of DTS! The school has been amazing so far and I’ve learned so much. Each week we have a different speaker come in to teach in our lectures; so far we’ve had teaching on the Father Heart of God, God’s character, What is Discipleship, Worldview, Identity in Christ, The Trinity, and lots of other teaching wedged in between.

Each student has assigned work duties and I got to be on grounds keeping with Brennyn, Kim, and Phil! This is, in my opinion, the best job because we get to be outside all the time ❤ Sometimes it’s really wet and cold but it’s worth it in the end.

Trimming the hedge with hand saws

Trimming the hedge with hand saws



After we raked the drive

After we raked the drive

Josh and Phil hauling leaves

Josh and Phil hauling leaves

Picking apples from our apple trees

Picking apples from our apple trees

This last week, Wednesday the 21st to Sunday the 25th, our team went to Belfast Northern Ireland as a mini outreach to come alongside a local church in the city and help them with events that they were hosting that week. I personally got to be involved in door to door evangelism, prayer on the streets, an event for elementary aged kids, an event raising money for the local cancer research center, and our last event was called Epic and it was designated for kids aged 12-16. On Sunday, I had the privilege of sharing at a small community church in Belfast about our week and how God touched me personally through it all. That was an experience that I will cherish forever. I struggle to find words to type that explain how touching speaking in the church was for me. God revealed so much to me through the week in Belfast. He pushed and encouraged me to do the hard stuff… the things that yank me right out of my comfort zone. But through the hard things and the new things I’ve discovered how I really have a heart for the work God has been doing there and it’s become a huge inspiration to me to see the body of Christ working together to fulfill the great commission.

In the Belfast airport

In the Belfast airport

Boarding the plane!

Boarding the plane!

Willowfield Church (where we worked and slept)

Willowfield Church (where we worked and slept)

My bed for the week ;)

My bed for the week. We stuffed pillow cases with our jumpers and scarves to make pillows.

I’m excited to continue serving with this team in South Africa starting December 8th!!

But… there’s a hiccup. I have not paid off my school fees yet so I wasn’t able to book my plane ticket to South Africa  with the rest of the group last Wednesday. The school is paid off in 3 increments… #1 Lecture Phase ($2,200) #2 Outreach Phase ($2,150) #3 Outreach flights (around $950)…. I have to completely pay off the lecture phase before they can book my ticket to SA and I still have $600 left to pay for lecture phase.

Would you please pray about joining me in this? I really need your help. I’ve set up a GoFundMe page online HERE or you can send mail to my home address or my Paypal account.
If you’d like more information or to just hear some stories  you can email me at or send me a message on Facebook!

My Little Seed

So many emotions. So many prayers. I’ve been dealing with a lot these past few days and I don’t know where to begin describing to you how much I’ve unearthed in my heart in the past 18 days that I’ve been here. Arriving in England may seem like it was the beginning of this process but it was a trial of Faith right from the start when God told me to put my application in at Holmsted last November. I had to put in applications for visas into the UK twice; once for the January school and once for this September school. To be honest, the second time around got me frazzled enough to have an emotional breakdown and start crying in the public library. It’s been a struggle with literally every aspect getting here but I knew God wanted me here so I pressed on and decided to have faith that it would all work out and in the end it did.  I’m here.  In England.  …….Now what?  My main focus for the past 10 months has been getting here and now that I’m here what do I do? What is the next thing you want me to do, God? I prayed and prayed and prayed and kept asking God “What should I do now, Lord?” It took a few days, maybe even the first week, until I realized that I’ve been so focused on my question that I wasn’t listening for the answer. So I stopped. In the middle of the walk way looking out at the neighboring field… and I listened. I waited and I listened and you know what God said? “You need to stop doing things. Will you give it to me?” Oh boy, I wasn’t ready for that. God wanted me to give up control. Control of what, you ask? Control of everything. Control of finances, relationships, dreams/goals/future plans, and myself. God, I am in a different country by myself and I don’t know what I’m doing! I’m grasping for just a little sense of familiarity here! I don’t want to lose that.

I had a small seed in my hand that I was holding on to so tightly. I don’t want to lose it or drop it. This seed is a good seed and it’s beautiful. You gave me this seed, God. Why should I give it back to you? Why would you give me something that I can’t keep? 
   You could keep it if you want. Although, if you keep it it will never grow. It will never be beautiful       and you may lose it because your hands will grow tired of holding it. But if you let me keep it for you I will plant it and then you and I can watch it grow together. 
I gave God my seed. He says it will grow into something much more beautiful than it already is and I am going to trust Him when He says that. Right now that seed is being planted and buried in the dirt. It’s hard, it hurts, and sometimes I do miss holding it in my hand but I have faith that God will keep His word when He says that He’ll take care of it. He will water it whenever it needs water and keep it in the sunlight and one day, one glorious day, it will sprout and eventually grow and bud into a beautiful flower.

Two Weeks is a Lifetime

I sit here in the local pub drinking a coca-cola with some of my girls . I’ve been in England two weeks today and I feel like I’ve lived here for quite a while. We had the first week of classes this week and it’s been crazy. God has already started my heart surgery and has been showing me a lot of areas that I’ve been needing more of Him. It’s been a journey getting here. When I got here I realized that I have no idea what to do now and I asked God “What next?” and he told me that all I can do now is give everything over to Him. When He said everything He clarified to me that He doesn’t just want what I want to give Him but He wants literally everything because I need to trust Him completely and not hold things tight in my fists but to offer it up to Him to take care of. After all, He was the one who gave me everything I have. We have nothing to offer Hime that He hasn’t already given us.

Holmsted Manor celebrated 40 years this past Saturday and we had a huge celebration and open gardens. We all worked really hard getting ready for the celebration (I even got blisters from raking and sweeping so much) and I’m glad to say that all the hard work paid off and the day went amazingly! We have a wedding reception at Holmsted this saturday and the DTS will be attending a hog roast at a local church!


Please keep me in prayer as we continue teaching that my heart will be open to God and what He wants me to learn, pray for me as I travel the country doing ministry with vulnerable woman in Brighton and the team will be going to Northern Ireland in October, also please keep praying for my finances as I have barely enough to pay off Lecture phase this week and don’t have any funds yet for Outreach phase. Thank you everyone! If you have any questions or want to hear stories I’d LOVE to talk! I can’t put everything in one blog post (especially because my computer doesn’t work on the wifi at the Manor) but I’d love to tell stories of what’s going on here!



It finally happened! Everything is in place for me to go to YWAM Holmsted Manor for the September 2015-February 2016 Discipleship Training School (DTS)! This is the same school I was planning on attending in January but due to unforeseen problems with the UK and issuing VISAs I wasn’t able to make it to the school… Until now! I’ve got my VISA, my plane ticket, my coach ticket to get from London-Heathrow Airport to Gatwick airport where the staff from the school will pick me up and everything is set!

It amazes me to see how God worked His hand through the timing of this trip. When I applied for the school in January I knew this is where God was leading me and I remember feeling very vividly God saying “I’ve told you where to go but I haven’t told you when”. So, I applied for the school in January and got accepted and everything was going smoothly to get to the school… Until God did His thing and stepped in saying “Not yet”. The January school didn’t work out and I remember getting confused and thinking “But God, you said to go there..?” and every time I thought that I could hear Him saying “I’ve told you where to go but I haven’t told you when”. He has worked His hand and has opened the door to attend the September school which starts on September 5th and I’m taking that step of faith through the door that He has opened for me. I’m scared and I don’t like change but I am confident that this is God’s will at this time and I am trusting Him to get me through it. I know that with God all things are possible and I am taking a step of Abraham Faith knowing that God will work everything according to His good purpose.

I will need a lot of support to do this… Both prayerfully and financially. Please keep me in your prayers! Pray for me that through it all I will be open to hearing God and following the direction in which He leads me. Please pray as I travel to England; I have never flown out of the country before and this will be a very different experience for me. Also, please pray for financial support. The school costs in all $6,000. I have already personally paid for half of that but that leaves me a huge $3,000 that I need to raise for the school still.

If you’d like to help support me financially please send me an email, FB message, call or text. If you have Paypal you can send funds to my account at

Thank you for reading the whole blog post, you amazing human being you!

These Moments Matter

As some of you may know, I just recently went to California to visit my friend, Rachel,  over spring break. On the days we weren’t relaxing at her place, making cheese cake, or watching Netflix, we explored L.A.quite a bit! We visited  Hollywood and Beverly Hills, the old L.A. Zoo, and kayaked in Long Beach.


All in all I’d say it was a great vacation!

But besides the usual souvenirs, like seashells and a cute hat from a vintage boutique, I came home with an experience that will never leave me.

As I traveled during this trip, something really hit home for me. I looked around and saw the people around me. I’ve always been a bit of a people watcher because I love to see life happening and memories being made around me; but this trip has really shown me how to actually see people not just watch them. I just love people and this trip pounded that into me even more. There are a few instances that stand out to me starting with the German woman in the seat next to me  on the flight to L.A. and ending with business man kiddy-corner me on the flight home. All wedged in the middle of those two were people like our Uber (taxi) drivers, the sweet couple at the beach, the man on the street working to get children in third world countries some sponsors, the german man on our tour of Hollywood, the man jogging through Griffith Park, the waiter and the barista in Fullerton, and the sweet hispanic  woman on my shuttle to the airport.

Some of these I barely talked to and with some I had conversations but they all touched me in the same way. Through all of these people, I’ve been shown that everyone has different life stories and not one is the same as another. Some are going through trials and some are experiencing immense joy

The hispanic woman on the shuttle seemed at first like she was going on an exciting vacation but through talking with her I found out that she was going to visit her 80 yo father in the hospital. He had just had an accident the day before and had fallen from a two story building and was in critical condition. When she heard she wanted to rush to him right away but didn’t have the funds to fly there. She told no one at her workplace about the accident but just hours after she heard of her father’s accident and had realized that she had no possible way to get to him someone at work came to her and informed her that she had $1,000 in her work account that she didn’t know existed. She immediately took off work and bought a plane ticket to see her father.

She told me all of this and said she needed prayer. All because I asked one question and took the time to listen and be in the moment with her.

It’s become my prayer that God will continue to give me opportunities such as these, to praise with the joyful and pray with the struggling. Keeping my heart open to the people around me because these moments matter.


Are the Odds in my Favor?

I have struggled in the past and  I still struggle now with this one thought that brings fear to me almost every time I think it. What if…? I’m a dweller. I dwell on the future a lot; maybe too much. What if this happens..? What if this doesn’t happen…? All the what if’s and questions weigh me down until I feel so helpless and tiny beneath them. I’ve gotten to the point, multiple times, where I’ve felt so helpless and small when considering the vast world and the odds that are against me. With the visa situation right now and not knowing if or when I’ll be able to leave I have felt so powerless.

I recently noticed that, in those moments of fear, worry, and what if’s,  I’ve been looking at the odds but only seeing the side that’s against me. What if I looked at both sides?  Let’s compare, shall we?


Against me:                        For me: 
The world                              God
My fears
My worries

I kept trying to add to the “for me” side and then realized that though there is only one thing on that side of the list it is literally the best thing that could ever be there and that there need not be anything else. I have the God who made the sea and the ocean, the sun and the stars, the puffy clouds on a sunny day. If the God who made all that is FOR ME then the odds are already in my favor no matter what happens with my visa or the future in general. Sorry Effie Trinket, we won’t be needing your catchphrase here.

This song has been running through my head. Oh, lovely VBS memories.