Love for this City


I sit here blogging in a little cafe overlooking the seaside. We’ve been here in Brighton almost a week and I’ve loved every minute of it. We’re sleeping on floors, we walk everywhere, it’s cold outside, and our kitchen can only fit two people comfortably… BUT… we have a warm house to sleep in, everything is within walking distance, it’s warmer than Wisconsin, and we have a kitchen to cook warm meals everyday. We are so blessed. Living in community is difficult, especially when you have 17 people sharing one bathroom, but the good things always outweigh the bad. You just have to keep your eyes open and you’ll see good things happen everyday. I’ve been struggling with a lot of things physically for the last month or so that I could really be focused on and complain about but I am so distracted from that when I look at the people God has put around me in this time. They don’t baby me or pity me but they’re always there to help me and make sure I’m doing alright. When I say I’m fine they say Are you really?. I am so blessed to be doing life with these amazing people.

The ministry we’ve been doing here in Brighton has been wonderful already after just a week here. God has really been showing me how my work as an individual helps bring his kingdom and blesses those around me even when I don’t think it does.
I people watched yesterday and got to know the people of Brighton a little more… finding out what makes this city tick. Brighton is a place like no other; there are so many diverse people and cultures all intermingled into one city. It’s a big melting pot of people. The problem is that I don’t think they’ve all quite figured out how to melt together yet. They are all in the same pot…walking past each other and never batting an eye. My prayer for Brighton is that they will learn how to see each other through God’s eyes; with His compassion and love for them. The love of God will overwhelm Brighton and He is letting me see the change. The quote Be the change you want to see in the world had never been more accurate than now.




My sunrise walk on the beach