Two Weeks is a Lifetime

I sit here in the local pub drinking a coca-cola with some of my girls . I’ve been in England two weeks today and I feel like I’ve lived here for quite a while. We had the first week of classes this week and it’s been crazy. God has already started my heart surgery and has been showing me a lot of areas that I’ve been needing more of Him. It’s been a journey getting here. When I got here I realized that I have no idea what to do now and I asked God “What next?” and he told me that all I can do now is give everything over to Him. When He said everything He clarified to me that He doesn’t just want what I want to give Him but He wants literally everything because I need to trust Him completely and not hold things tight in my fists but to offer it up to Him to take care of. After all, He was the one who gave me everything I have. We have nothing to offer Hime that He hasn’t already given us.

Holmsted Manor celebrated 40 years this past Saturday and we had a huge celebration and open gardens. We all worked really hard getting ready for the celebration (I even got blisters from raking and sweeping so much) and I’m glad to say that all the hard work paid off and the day went amazingly! We have a wedding reception at Holmsted this saturday and the DTS will be attending a hog roast at a local church!


Please keep me in prayer as we continue teaching that my heart will be open to God and what He wants me to learn, pray for me as I travel the country doing ministry with vulnerable woman in Brighton and the team will be going to Northern Ireland in October, also please keep praying for my finances as I have barely enough to pay off Lecture phase this week and don’t have any funds yet for Outreach phase. Thank you everyone! If you have any questions or want to hear stories I’d LOVE to talk! I can’t put everything in one blog post (especially because my computer doesn’t work on the wifi at the Manor) but I’d love to tell stories of what’s going on here!