It finally happened! Everything is in place for me to go to YWAM Holmsted Manor for the September 2015-February 2016 Discipleship Training School (DTS)! This is the same school I was planning on attending in January but due to unforeseen problems with the UK and issuing VISAs I wasn’t able to make it to the school… Until now! I’ve got my VISA, my plane ticket, my coach ticket to get from London-Heathrow Airport to Gatwick airport where the staff from the school will pick me up and everything is set!

It amazes me to see how God worked His hand through the timing of this trip. When I applied for the school in January I knew this is where God was leading me and I remember feeling very vividly God saying “I’ve told you where to go but I haven’t told you when”. So, I applied for the school in January and got accepted and everything was going smoothly to get to the school… Until God did His thing and stepped in saying “Not yet”. The January school didn’t work out and I remember getting confused and thinking “But God, you said to go there..?” and every time I thought that I could hear Him saying “I’ve told you where to go but I haven’t told you when”. He has worked His hand and has opened the door to attend the September school which starts on September 5th and I’m taking that step of faith through the door that He has opened for me. I’m scared and I don’t like change but I am confident that this is God’s will at this time and I am trusting Him to get me through it. I know that with God all things are possible and I am taking a step of Abraham Faith knowing that God will work everything according to His good purpose.

I will need a lot of support to do this… Both prayerfully and financially. Please keep me in your prayers! Pray for me that through it all I will be open to hearing God and following the direction in which He leads me. Please pray as I travel to England; I have never flown out of the country before and this will be a very different experience for me. Also, please pray for financial support. The school costs in all $6,000. I have already personally paid for half of that but that leaves me a huge $3,000 that I need to raise for the school still.

If you’d like to help support me financially please send me an email, FB message, call or text. If you have Paypal you can send funds to my account at

Thank you for reading the whole blog post, you amazing human being you!